Limited Edition, Giclee Prints

"Holes to Heaven" - Giclee print - 18x24 inches Matted for a standard size frame

About Giclee Prints

Giclee prints are commonly found in museums, and art and photography galleries. This type of printing process maintains all of the tonalities and hues of the original painting, better than any other means of reproduction. The original painting is directly scanned in to a computer at a high resolution. The image is now in digital form and can be printed out using an eight-color ink jet printer. The word, "giclee" is French and it means, "to spray". The ink is actually sprayed onto the paper in the form of millions of tiny drops. The results are stunning. The prints have the look and texture of an original painting. This is a wonderful option for people who love art, but don't always want to pay the high prices for originals.

I do the entire printing process myself. I believe that the printing process is an artform and deserves to be treated as such. A print will be made only if it has a home to go to. The paintings are reproduced using pigment-based, archival inks. The paper is 100% cotton, acid-free and beautifully textured. Each one is numbered and hand-embellished with my signature. The prints are matted on acid-free mat board and are ready to be framed. Many of the prints are matted for a standard size frame, so that there is no need for custom framing. You may download the print price list here:

Print Price List

OR get in touch with me directly. I am happy to make a print with specific size and mat colors to perfectly suit the home it will be going to.