"Samsara" is a Sanskrit word that literally means "continuous flow". It is the cycle of birth, death and rebirth in the world of form. The practice is to look deeply enough to see that there really is no birth or death, only continuation. Contemplate the concepts of birth and death. Does anything or anyone really ever die? Or, do forms just change shape? Did you exist before you were born? Of course, you were in your Mother's womb. But, what about before then? I think that you were half your Mother and half your Father. And before that, you were your Grandparents. If you look even deeper, you can see that you were once the minerals in the rocks, the river and a cloud. This is not something new to believe in or even philosophy, it is simply the history of our planet. When you die, you may become food for a tree that produces the most beautiful blossoms and fill the spring air with a luscious scent. Or, maybe you become ashes that nourish the ocean and become part of the sea life. If you look even deeper, you will see that there is nothing in this world that is not connected to everything else.

Where did we come from and where are we going? It is only a continuous cycle.
This is the life we experience, this is Samsara.

This “place” resembles the view from the Eminence Fault trail in Marble Canyon. Looking over the edge we can see Point Hansbrough directly below, President Harding Rapid upstream and the alcoves near Saddle Canyon downstream.

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watercolor and ink / 12 x 30 inches