Welcome to my virtual gallery. I appreciate your interest. I would love to share with you my art, my inspiration and ideas. Please, have an open heart, look around and enjoy.
"SAMSARA" / watercolor and ink / 12 x 30 inches

the meditation for "Samsara"

Art can help us access different levels of consciousness and help us to grasp concepts that are not explainable by words. Many of my paintings are meant to be used as visual meditation tools. I choose the natural world as the predominate subject matter. The cycles, rhythms and patterns of the natural world are such a poetic metaphor for aspects of our own day to day living, our ups and downs, challenges and relationships. I see all around me incredible beauty and a multitude of things to be grateful for, but, I also see fear, suffering, greed, unhappiness and disfunction. I am afraid that if we continue living in this same way, we as a species, will destroy ourselves and Mother Earth.

At some point, we need to evolve if we are to survive. I don't mean to evolve in a physical sense, but on the level of consciousness. I believe that in our modern world, despite all of our technologies, we are losing touch. Many of us have lost touch with the life force that connects us to each other and to every other living thing. Or, maybe some of us only get glimpses of this force. This force is what keeps the universe in its perfect orbits and ellipses, it is what makes the waves crash onto the shore and what lets the flowers know when to open and close. This force gives nature its incredible geometry, logarithmic spirals and flawless proportions. It is where pure love and joy reside. It is also what breathes us and pumps blood through our veins and gives each one of us our unique creativity. It is a sort of "divine intelligence", don't you think? We forget that it is accessible to us in every moment. Most of us go around life believing that we are separate from everything and everyone. This creates fear and the basis for all unhappiness on a personal and global scale. But, we are not separate! I cannot tell you this to be true, you have to experience it for yourself. Beyond the ego mind and our limited sense perceptions lies our potential as a species on this planet. I believe we CAN live in peace and happiness. But, we have a lot of work to do. We have a lot of patterns to unravel and we can only start with ourselves. We will need to practice and we will need tools. This is the intention of my art. It is a tool and it is meant to be shared with others.

I am beginning to add written history, poetry and meditations to go along with the paintings so that the art can become even more of an "experience" for the viewer (you) and potentially help you to tap into your own divine intelligence. You can access these meditations through "the paintings" page. I will be adding more, so please check back. I am interested in your thoughts and what you are doing with your precious time. I hope that you will take something positive away from visiting my site, even if it is just as simple as bright colors to brighten your day. Please, get in touch. If for some reason the "contact" buttons do not work with your browser, my e-mail is: erica@ericafareio.com.

"At any moment you have a choice, that either leads you closer to your spirit or further away from it." - Thich Nhat Hanh